About Us

The Pedersen Wellness and Rejuvenation Experience

Pedersen Wellness and Rejuvenation has been serving the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area since 2022. Founded by Kelly Pedersen, LMHC, Pedersen Wellness and Rejuvenation offers services to make clients look and feel their most beautiful. 

Pedersen Wellness and Rejuvenation arose from a dream from two industry professionals. While providing services to the community, we felt as if we needed to do more for our clients. We strive to offer services that assist our clients in feeling more confident while offering the option to focus on the internal progress as well as external. We feel that mental health is just as important as physical health and we want to ensure that our clients feel the best that they can while assisting them in achieving their goals. 

Call (505-507-1584) or email (scheduling@pedersenwellnessandrejuvenation.com) us to book an appointment today! We are currently offering services in the comfort of your own home, via telehealth, and in our office (located in Rio Rancho, NM).

Our Providers

Kelly Pedersen, LMHC


Eric Pedersen, PA-C